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1. To Propagate and create awareness among the public particularly among down trodden people to relinquish from the bad habits like alcholing, smoking prostituting etc. and to provide necessary medicines and assistance.

2. To take up sanitation works, construction of latrines, provisioning for urinals and creating awarenss for sanitation.

3. To act as coordinator or liaisioner between Government agencies and beneficiaries with regard to weaken section upliftment and development programmes.

4. To provide education for the poor, downtrodden & weaker sections either by coordinating with established organisations or by small group tutoring :

a. Adult literacy classes
b. Tutoring for Street Kids
c. Public Health and Hygiene Teaching
d. Nutrition Education
e. Assisting eligible slum children or street children to enroll in established hostels according to the admission requirements of the hostel.

5. To provide opportunities for women and children to grow physically, spiritually, emotionally and socially within their society :

a. Through education
b. Through networking with other charitable organisations
c. Through community development projects
d. Through established government programs, such as immunization programs, etc
e. Assisting women to assist themselves and their communities, by forming cooperative societies that are approved by the local government.

6. To encourage women to be independent of the assistance of this society, by helping them to confidently take responsibility for themselves, their families, and their communities.

7. To provide healthcare, nutrition, and first aid to needy candidates, with priority given to women and children living on the street.

8. To Create self help groups and formulate schemes, formulas to accumalate funds thrift small savings. Through Dwakra groups and other groups as may be formulated from time to for the develoment of Mahila groups.

9. To accommodate financial assistance to the retail vendors, unorganized sector etc.,

10. To take up water shed programs like construction of checkdams to store flowing water and to provide hygienic water facilities through borewells, wells etc.

11. To provide irrigation facilities to the farmers by renovation of water tanks, canals etc.

12. To provide qualitative nursery seeds etc to farmers community by utilising waste lands and unused lands which may be obtained on lease or free of cost from the Government.

13. To provide assistance, food shelter, clothes etc to unsupported aged people.

14. To organise, assist, conduct and undertake activities for the betterment of labor community in the country.

15. All of the above abjctives are without any profit motive.

16. To take up any social objective wither any prottit motive and is in charitable nature.

17. To assist poor people who suffer with AIDS and other chromic disease by conducting medical & health camps.

18. To conduct legal awareness camps and to provide legal assistance to the pour people.