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Article I : Name of the society shall be “Development Awareness Welfare for Needy Short Name : DAWN

Artiele II : Extent
The activities of the society may extend throughout lndia.
Article III : Membership :
Membership of the society shall consist of such persons and associations as subseribe to the ideals of the society as set forth in its Memorandum of Association.
Any person who is a member of any political party is not eligible to be a member of the society. Person who over 18 years of age and are competent to contract are eligibe for admission as menbers of the Society under the following classes :

a) Life Members : contributed to the Society Rs 1,000/- and more than membership fee.

b) Ordinary Members including charter Members who have signed the Memorandum of the Association at the time of registration of the Society and who contiribue annually membership fee of Rs 25/-.

c) Associations whose aims, objectives and activities are simitlar to those of the Society and pay an annual contribution of Rs.100/- to the Society.
They shall be styled as Associate Members. They have no voting power and they shall not take part in the elections in the society.

d) Honorary Members : This class of membership may be conferred by the society by its general body at a special got up for the purpose on great personalities who have dedicated their lives for universal brotherhood international understanding, world peace and welfare and uplift of weaker sections of the community.
No cash contribution shall be insisted upon from such members as their advise, guidance and blessings are more valuable and beneficial to the society.
       Persons and associations admitted as members shall pay the first annual membership fee at the time of admission in one lump sum. Second and subscquent annual membership fee is payable before the and of each calendar year.
A member who does not pay the annual membrship fee within three months form the stipulated time, ceases to be a member, provided however, the governing body may restore his membership if he pays arrears membership fees and offers convincing reasons for No member shall be entitled to vote whose subscription shall have been in arrears have been in arrears been in arrears for a period exceeding three months.
At the time of admission, every person or association shall pay an admission fee of Rs 1/-. The application of every person or association shall be sponsored by two existing members and approved by the governing body of the society.
The Governing body shall however be competent to enroll persons belonging to any nationality or country, who are interested in helping DAWN in its activities and who, annually contribute not less then Rs 100/- as Friends of DAWN.
They will be eligible to participate in Seminars, Cultural entertainment’s, social and educational programs and such others and meetings of Governing Body and General Body on special invitation as observers but they will not have membership tights.
The Friends of DAWN will be treated as being more in advisory capcity only.
Article IV : Liability of Members
    The liability of the members is limited to 10 times the membership fee paid by them.
In the event of the society being wound up and its assets falling short of its liabilities, each member of the Society shall contribute to the deficit in the assets of the society subject to the liability limited to him.
A past member of the Society shall also be liable to make such a contribution to deficit in the assets of the society for a period of one year from the date of the his ceasing to be member, subject to the liability limited to him.
Article V: Property & Income
    The property moveable and immovabe, belonging to the society shall vest in the Governing Body of the Society.
The income and property of the Society however derived shall be applied solely for the promation of its objects as set forth in the Memorandum and Aricles of Association and for the maintenance of the office of the Society.
The funds should be spent for the attainment of the obects and no portion there of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly to any of its members through any means.
Article IV : Funds
The society shall be competent to raise funds for its working in or all of the following ways :
a) Membership and Admission fees
b) Donations
c) Grants, Aid and Loans
d) Contribution form project beneficiaries and others for projects implementation
Article VII : General Body
The General Body of the society shall consist of life Members and Ordinary Members:
Article VIII : Duties and functions oif the General Body
a) To lay down policies broadly for the working of the society for the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Society.
b) Election of Govering Body.
c) Approval of the Annual Accounts and Administration Report of the society.
d) Adoption of the Audit Report of the Society. And
e) Expulsion of Mebmbers.
Article IX : General Body Meetings
Within three months from the close of each calendar year, the Secertary of the Society shall convene the annual meetings of General Body in consultation wih the Secretary.
A notice to hold such meeting shall be developed or sent by post by post to every member continuting the General Body at least 10 days in advance together with the agenda.
An extraordinary General Body Meeting may be called by the secretary himself. It shall be called for by the secretary on receiving a written request from 2/3rd (two thirds) of the members of the General Body.
Only the business for which such meeting is called for shall be discussed. The quorum for the General Body Meeting shall be 15 or 1/3rd of the members whichever is less.
This shall not apply to a meeting convened consequent on the adjournment of the previous one for want or quorum. Each member shall have one vote.
Voting shall be by person and not by proxy. The secretary shall preside over the meeting of the General body.
In his absence, the General Body shall elect any member to preside ever that particular meeting.
In case of tie, the secretary or the member presiding over the meeting shall have a
Article X : Governing Body
The Executive Management of the affairs of the Society shall vest in a Governing Body consisting of not more than nine members of whom at least 6 persons shall be those elected by the General Body and the remaining three nominated by the Secretary for such term as he deems fit of whom one shall be a woman.
The term of office of the members of the governing body elected by the General Body shall be for a period of five years from the date of their election. Interim vacancies among the elected Governing Body members shall be filled by co-option of other members by the Governing Body for such term as they deem fit.
The members of the Governing Body elected by the General Body shall elect from among themselves a Secretary, a Joint Secretary and a Treasurer for a period of five years which shall be continuous with the term of the Governing Body.
The Governing Body member absents himself for three consecutive meetings of the Governing Body. He shall IPSO FACTO cease to be member of the Governing Body.
The Governing Body may however reinstate him for satisfactory reasons.
The Joint Scerertary shall convene the Governing Body Meeting. A notice to hold such a meeting shall be delivered or sent by post to every member of the Governing Body at least 5 days in advance together with the agenda. In case of emergency, the Chairman may obtain resolution by circulation among available members. Such resolutions shall be placed before the next Governing Body meeting for record.
The quorum for the meeting of Governing Body shall be live. This shall not apply to a meeting convened consequent on the adjournment of the previous one for want of quorum.
The Secretary shall preside over all Governing Body Meetings. In his absence, the Governing Body shall elect one of the members among them to preside over that particular meeting.
In case of tie, the Secretary or the member presiding over the meeting shall have a casting vote.
Article XI : Duties and Functions of the Governing Body
a) Admission of Members
b) Acceptance of resignation of members
c) Recording of projects and schemes prepared and submitted by the secretary in accordance with the objectives of the Society.
d) Recording once in three months the receipts and payments of the Society.
e) Co-option of members to fill up interim vacancies among the elected Govern ing Body members.
f) Placing the annual report of the society together with the audited accounts before the General Body of their approval or adoption as the case may be
g) Appointment of auditors to audit the accounts of the Society.
Article XII : President Duties
The president shall act as a convener of all the meetings held by the society. He shall be an overall surveyor of the Societies works, and will have the franchise rights as the other members.
Article XIII : Vice - President Duties
He shall work under the purview of the President, sitting in Place of President when he was absent.
Article XIV : Duties and Functions of the Secretary
The Secretary shall be Executive Head of the Society with powers of overall control and supervision over the affairs of the society.
He shall control and direct all the activities of the Society and shall take decisions in all matters.
He shall give necessary direction and advise to Joint Secretary and Treasurer. He shall operate on the Bank accounts jointly with the Treasurer.
When the Secetary or Treasurer or both are absent or in the case of necessity or emergency he shall he shall take over the functions of the Joint secretary and Tresaurer.
The Secretary shall prepare and submit developmental projects for the fulfillment of any or all the objects of the Society to the organisations.
institutions, government or other bodies seeking financial aid either by way of loans or grants or both for implementing the project and shall ; also take steps for the proper utilisation of the aid for implementing the projects.
He shall be empowered to act in such manager or take such steps as he deems first in the best interests of the society with due care and diligence in the activities which are incidental to the effective administration of affairs of the Society.
For developmental projects and institutions established by the Society the Secretary shall IPSO FACTO be the Executive Durector of the projects and institutions.
In his capacity as Executive Director, the Secretary is entitled for remuneration, travelling and incidental expenses as may be fixed by the Goverining Body.
The Secretary as the Executive director can request any member of the society to render certain specifie services for which remuneration as may be determined by the chairman as Executive Director be paid.
The secretary may appoint such committes as he deems fit for implementation of The secretry shall be competent to appoint the staff for the secretany for society the secrtary shall be competent to sue or shall be liable to be sued on behalf to the society.
Aritcle XV: Duties and Function of the Joint seceretary :
The joint secretary shall work under the secretray directions.
The joint secretary shall maintain the membership register of the society. He shall file returns and documents with the Registrar of societies. He shall issue notices for the meeting of the Governing Body and General Body in consultation with the secretary.
Article XVI : Duties and Functions of the Treasurer :
The Treasurer shall diligently took after the financial interests of the society and shall be respoonsibe to arrange for the custody and maintenance of it books of accounts and the money entrusted to him.
He shall also be responsible for seeing that the Bank accounts of the society are properly maintained and securities of the society are kept in safe custody.
He shall arrange for the audit observe the directions of the Goverining Body with great fidelity, accuracy and integrity regarding the above and all works undertaketn through such directions.
Article XVII: Accounts :
Account shall be maintained for all sums received and spent by the society as per the porocedure usually followed .
All accounts shall be reconciled at the end of each month . A statement of receipts and charges for every quarter shall be prepareed and placed before tha Governing Body for its approval at its meeting.
For purpose of accounting , the Calendar year commencing from 1st January and ending with 31st December shall be taken . The accounts shall be closed at the end of eachcalendar year Thety shall be got audited byt the chartered. A ccountants and the audited statements placed befor general Body oif adoption.
Article XVIII: Canges in the constitution:
No alternation . amendment or extenasion be made in the pourpoose of the society not shall it be amalgamated with any other society unless it is voted by 2/3rd of the members poresent at a second special meeting.