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Welcome to DAWN NGO


Name :
The name of the society is "DEVELOPMENT AWARENESS WELFARE FOR NEEDY"  hitherto referred to as “the society may (shortly terned as DAWN)
Extent :
The activities of the Society may extend throughout India.
Office :
The Reqistered Office of the society is presently situated at D.No. 19-1-54, Budha Gangu Naidu Veedhi, Anakapalli, Visakhaptnam - 531 002.  The Board of Directors retains the right to shift the location of the office to a more suitable place at the discretion of its members.


1.To Propagate and create awareness among the public particularly among down trodden people to relinquish from the bad habits like alcholing, smoking prostituting etc. and to provide necessary medicines and assistance.

2. To take up sanitation works, construction of latrines, provisioning for urinals and creating awarenss for sanitation.

3. To act as coordinator or liaisioner between Government agencies and beneficiaries with regard to weaken section upliftment and development programmes.

4. To provide education for the poor, downtrodden & weaker sections either by coordinating with established organisations or by small group tutoring :